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Greeting from the President of the Japanese Association of Criminal Psychology (JACP)

I have been elected as a president at the general meeting of the JACP's 56th conference held in December 2018. It is a great honor to be elected as a president of the long-established JACP, while I strongly feel it is a big mission I need to fulfill.

In the recent movement over psychology, Certified Public Psychologist (CPP) Act has been executed and the first examination of CPP was held in September 2018. I believe many members have been qualified as CPP as well. Since it is a new qualification, there are still some parts that are uncertain such as how it will be operated, and how it will affect the relationship with a clinical psychologist, and so on. As an association, we will grasp how the organization is operated and make efforts to provide the information to the members.

JACP has become a large organization with more than 1400 members. Therefore, I believe being a more active association is desirable through communication and sharing information among the members. Also, it is necessary to keep maintenance on an organizational structure that supports the association. We have considered how feedback should be given to the members; as a part of that, the first nationwide workshop convened in June 2018. It is convened every year to provide training to the members. Additionally, we continue to review our website to effectively transmit information to society whilst strengthening communication among the members.

Approximately 500 members have participated every year at the annual conference. Besides, as for the journal "Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology" which is published twice a year (three times a year if including a special issue that posts conference reports), I feel the number of submissions on essays has seen a rise. The conference and the journal are not only the opportunity to present research results of members, but also the opportunity to exchange opinions and foster communication among members, so we consider enhancing them furthermore.

We will put our most efforts into making activities of JACP to be more prosperous, and we appreciate your generous support.

Takashi Kubo, President of Japanese Association of Criminal Psychology


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  • 昭和

    Inauguration of Correctional Psychology Society, regulations of society is established

  • 昭和

    1st "Journal of Correctional Psychology" is published

  • 昭和

    1st issue of "Correctional Psychology" published

  • 昭和

    Meeting regarding the Association of Correctional Psychology is held, marking the two turning points of the reorganization of the Japanese Psychological Association and the clinical psychologists’ qualification issue.

  • 昭和

    Prospectus of JACP established

  • 昭和

    Enforcing regulations of JACP, execution of committee affairs by the committee of preparing establishment

  • 昭和

    Volume 1 the first issue of "Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology" is published

  • 昭和

    1st Conference of JACP is convened (convened every year afterward)

  • 昭和

    First election of board members and the first general meeting is convened

  • 平成

    50th anniversary special issue is published

  • 平成

    JACP's 51st Conference is convened

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Executive directors (Term of office: 2018-2021)
Yoshiko Okamoto, Keita Ochi, Izumi Kadomoto, Yuzuru Kawabe, Isao Kikuchi, Masayuki Kiryu, Takeshi Teramura, Kyoko Fujino, Masayo Yoshimura
*National directors and regional directors are posted on the committee affairs report in the journal.
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